The Mission Statement


The mission of Camp Fully Involved is to provide young women a safe, dynamic, interactive and physically challenging environment to gain strength and knowledge while building confidence and leadership skills.

We accomplish our mission by bringing in the best instructors and staff that we can, and by continuously evaluating and updating the program to meet the needs of the cadets and to reflect current NFPA safety and training standards.

Our goal is to provide our cadets with a comprehensive, intensive overview of the firefighting profession. The program is very physical, hands-on and intense. Cadets will have the opportunity to do things that they may never have done before, and may never do again. What they will gain is a confidence and inner strength that comes through accomplishment and success, and those qualities will stay with them no matter what career path they should choose.

Quotes from Cadets and Parents -

"...and especially thank every instructor who believed in my daughter, who let her cry, who led her to discover what she has on the other side of "I can't do it"..."

"I gave you my daughter for six days, and you gave her back to me, invincible. Words cannot thank you enough, but I promise to honor your gift by continuing the hard work, which you have so profoundly exemplified..."

"I had a great time and loved every minute of it..."

"I think it's a great experience for anyone involved in the fire service or even beginners!"

"I think this program is great for the confidence of young women -- to know that women can be in a male dominated field and succeed!!"


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